Things that will be left undone, unfinished, but never edited. Forever.
  1. That new song I learned on the piano but can never play through well enough to fully finish
  2. My winged eyeliner on the way to class
  3. Every Jane Austen novel I've started
  4. My dusty glass of water by my nightstand
  5. The hot laundry sitting for 2 days waiting to be folded
  6. Registration papers to vote sitting on my desk for 2 weeks now
  7. The annoyance from old friends wondering where I am
  8. The self improvement campaign I've been starting up in my minds basement
  9. Every list I have ever made
  10. My craving to inject myself with coffee
  11. My colorful imagination of me becoming something more than I am now
  12. My love for the underdogs
  13. Any discussion I have on feminism
  14. Any discussion I have about the universe
  15. My temptation to start smoking weed to search for a new coping method
  16. I forgot where this list was going
    Oh here we go again