1. I'm in an upper level free speech class right now
  2. Our final was to argue a case/suit that we "think" involves the first amendment
  3. This girl did a case on a teenage couple that were together for 3 years and the boy was severely depressed.
  4. He spoke of suicide numerous times to her online and she encouraged him to go through with it over a span of months
  5. It wasn't bullying but more like "if you really wanna die and you'll be happier that way, then do it"
  6. The girl presenting argued she shouldn't have been charged with involuntary manslaughter bc she has the right to say whatever she wants w/o repercussions blah blah blah
  7. But for god fucking sake who in their right mind agrees with that mentality
  8. At one point in the presentation she explicitly says that mental health is an individual's "choice" and that people surrounding you have no impact on how you feel.
    I was genuinely sad for this girl. That you could be so ignorant and uneducated or inconsiderate of anyone with mental illness .
  9. The presenter also compared suicide encouragement to assisted suicide
  10. This presentation turned into a declaration of "how mental illness' don't exist " more than the argument for this teens free speech.... Which is what the assignment was on....
  11. Our class was SO uncomfortable with this presentation because the presenter was gradually becoming more enraged for the incarceration of this teen.
  12. The class argued with her relentlessly after the fact and dragged her ass on facts and her misunderstandings of mental health.
  13. I think the most uncomfortable thing about it was that my professor didn't disagree or ask questions but only talked about how over populated the world is..... And how this is a survival of the fittest tactic our species has adapted
    I almost barfed
  14. I felt like I time traveled back 20 years and some ignoramus was yelling Christian bullshit at me
  15. This is what IS true: Mental health is real. Our words to others have a massive impact on people. Depression is real, and not a "choice". Suicide doesn't end your issues it ends your life, and ripples into other people's lives. Depression can be curable and there are options
    We need more people to advocate getting better then giving up. Fuck that girl she deserves what came to her
  16. Dialogue is important and impactful, but can be detrimental. Use your words like they were being said to you