1. Started with at least 7 lists that didn't see the light of day till my sweet 8th list
  2. I still don't think anyone's read them
  3. They were super intimate most likely
  4. No comments
  5. No likes
  6. I deleted maybe 3 due to emoness overload
  7. They're Cliche as hell now
  8. Most likely had one called "explaining list app to someone who doesn't have listapp"
  9. I had 4 followers for 4 weeks
    My sister being one of them
  10. Eventually someone relisted my ass, and I was heard
  11. Got trending
  12. Got featured
  13. Started to socialize aka emerged my ass in this fantastic community
  14. Got 10+ favorites per list steadily
  15. Had my 15 mins of fame
  16. Slowly started to list less and comment less
  17. Get 5- favorites per list now
  18. lost a couple followers for shitty lists
  19. SOS back to the drawing board
  20. Halp