Inspired by @mlh who has no idea who I is but her lists are k3wl ✨ ANYWAYS!
  1. I had a unibrow majority of my childhood
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    and people still call me unib. I kicked boys shins in elementary school a lot bc of it. (On the right)
  2. My first concert was Green Day
    2005. I still wonder why my dad was bringing a 10 year old to an emo mosh drug infested rock concert
  3. I'm on a debate team. Yes voluntarily lol.
  4. I was fired from my first two jobs.
    Ice cream store bc I mispronounced "pint". I was 14. And Hollister LOL for missing a shift because I had SAT tutoring. my moms fault tbh
  5. I've had 7 part time jobs so far. All equally shitholes
  6. I broke my tailbone from falling on my ass to hard.
  7. I had my first period on a school field trip in tan pants
  8. I lost 35 lbs my senior year of hs
  9. I'm deathly allergic to peanuts
    Don't kill me
  10. Someone told me I look like Kylie Jenner one time and it went straight to my head
  11. I was secretly obsessed with twilight for 2 years
  12. I got brutally attacked by my first dog after having him for 2 days
    My parents bought me a golden retriever puppy the next day so I avoided PTSD most likely. He's 14 now and on his last leg 😭
  13. My life is like the movie "Good Luck Chuck"
    I'm not kidding. All of my exs are either married with kids, or been with their girlfriends for 1+ years. Yeah I said KIDS.
  14. I saved a kids life when I was a lifeguard