It's funny bc I once tested myself for the 5 love languages and got "words of encouragement /affirmation", but how I give love is through "acts of services" bc sometimes I just don't know how to say I love someone.
  1. Throw ice cubes in my dogs water
  2. Download new music onto my dads iPhone- name the playlist weird things so he clicks on it
  3. Act like I don't hear someone's stomach growling in class
  4. Ask that said person questions about the class to get their mind off their stomach growling
  5. Make my Roomate dinner before she gets off work and I leave for night class
  6. Asking people about THEM and GIVE A SHIT
  7. Bringing my mom antiques from my college town when i come home to visit
  8. Recording my dad odd documentaries that I know he will watch
  9. Allow my bestfriends to see their ex's but still giving them a judgy parent look bc that's love
  10. Paying for the uber and "forgetting" to split it
  11. Give my one night stands a bottle of water for the walk home LOL - unrequited af 🙌🏼
  12. Commenting on my sisters old instagrams funny things bc I never see and always miss her and always know she's stressed out
  13. Tell my kids at work they are the coolest kids alive
    They fucking are
  14. Laugh at professors jokes
  15. Humor my ex
  16. Tell my mom and dad they did a great job raising us
    (Still under speculation)