Inspired by @torihyndman . Same girl SAME
  1. "Do you still live with Matt?"
    His Roomate that I've hooked up with before. Don't ever Shauna
  2. "Don't worry I got secret moves"
    I didn't have any moves
  3. "I guess I'm just a little dehydrated sorry"
    Literally tmi what was I thinking
  4. "Do you think your mom will hear us "
    DONT hookup with a guy at his moms house Shauna and go when she's home?????
  5. "Can you rap something for me"
    loL he's still trying to make it as a rapper.
  6. "Can you bring your fan next time I'm sweating"
    lMFaO Tmi
  7. "I didn't shave oops"
  8. "How do you like country music like what attracts it to you ??"
    I hate country music. He's been to Luke Bryan 12 times
  9. "I honestly forget your name don't hate me"
  10. "Are you on vine???? You should follow me I revine the funniest shit"
    I'm 22....
  11. "I like LOVE apples don't you LOVE Apples?"
    I was high and wierd
  12. "I have mouthwash in the bathroom, you can totally use it! "
    HIS breath STANK