I feel like my brain falls into islands and sometimes they disappear just like the Pixar movie Inside out in Rileys brain. These anchors appear discrete, as "islands" when we are young primarily due to our level of cognitive and emotional development.
  1. Goofball island for sure
    This is from the movie but I totally have this island in my head I can't take much seriously anymore
  2. Family island
    I like dem lots. No matter how much they nag me I and so blessed for the family I have
  3. Music island
    It consumes majority of my day. I annoy everyone around me. I'm either playing or listening or deciphering a song and how to mimic it
  4. Daydream island
    Always been a strong anchor in my mind whether j was aware of it or not. Mostly thoughts of me being awesome or something stereotypical, girls gotta dream
  5. Frenship island
    Had the same 3 best friends since middle school and pre-k. Makes me nervous how much they know but comfortable at the same time
  6. Adulthood island
    This one was most likely just formed, probably taking the place of childhood. But turning 21 and all 2015 has really helped me grow and become more indepednt
  7. Writing island
    This is a new one too, and might collapse soon, hoping it sticks around. But I recently remembered how much I love to write and cathartic it is to put into words what your feeling. Try it guys
  8. Love island
    Love for friends. Love for pets. Love for wonderful people on list app. Live for cake. Love for the perfect words from the perfect person. Love island.
    Suggested by @Charlie_Chester