Hear me out. I love her just as much as everyone else, but this action was portrayed completely wrong in the media.
  1. She's all over E! And news for telling a reporter to put down his cell phone during an interview
  2. She goes "you have to live in the now" "put your phone down"
  3. An alternative headline for this tweet could have been "Multimillionaire celebrity humiliates man whose second language is English"
    As perfectly stated by @adamjohnsonNYC on Twitter. Follow him, it was inspiration for this list in fact
  4. This man had a very strong foreign accent most likely translating what was being said on his phone or using it to read questions off.
  5. She humiliated him again by correcting his mistake for saying the "oscars" instead of "golden globes" with a sarcastic attitude.
  6. She's an awesome actress, but just because you are famous doesn't mean other people are below you
    Especially people who don't fluently speak your first language