I used to work an Ben and Jerry's. Ordering Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz was asking for us to spit in it
  1. Vanilla
    Scooped perfectly nearly every time. Problem being that no one ever ordered plain vanilla
  2. Chocolate fudge brownie
    Brownies don't freeze like cookie dough does. It just gets more dense, making it super easy to scoop!!!
  3. Mint chocolate cookie
    Cookie pieces are the same as brownies. But there were some large cookie pieces that the scoop couldn't get through.
  4. Phish food
    Loved me that marshmallow swirl
  5. Coffee
    Kinda got frozen weirdly? But still fine
  6. Chocolate therapy
    Sooooooo dense but okay to scoop if you dipped your scoop in hot water first
  7. Chocolate chip cookie dough
    It really wasn't too bad except that the dough froze completely solid. Would've been workable but everyone orders it and factoring in the amount of time I had to scrape the bottom of the box to get the last remnants, getting covered head to toe in ice cream, I hated this flavor
  8. Chunky monkey
    Luckily no one ever ordered this. But the banana froze solid and it took forever to scoop
  9. Toffee bar crunch
    SO MELTY OH MY GOD. Could not be scooped because it was a pile of liquid
  10. Strawberry cheesecake
    Both somehow melty and frozen. Impossible
  11. All sorbets
    Easy to scoop but the scoops fall right off. Making it impossible to put on a cone
  12. Chocolate fudge brownie froyo
    Melty goo that you can't get out of your clothes
  13. Coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz
    Always frozen solid, the only way to get this scooped was to pour literal boiling water over the top. It was horrible, time consuming and messy as hell. Never order this flavor