Batmans ranked

  1. Batman the animated series
    Best version of Batman. Easy
  2. Michael Keaton
    Solid performance in both movies.
  3. Adam West
    The mayor from family Guy played Batman back in the day. His Batman was more sophisticated and goofy, but the TV show was very entertaining.
  4. Christian Bale
    So I'll probably get some shit for ranking him so low, but keep in mind his voice sounded like Clint Eastwood fucked a grizzly bear. I will say this - Christian Bale played one fine Bruce Wayne!
  5. Val Kilmer
    This guy played the shit out of Jim Morrison, but Batman he is not. I think this role was just a paycheck.
  6. George Clooney
    Sorry man, but you screwed the pooch with this one. Still pretty cool though. And what's up with the nips on the Battle suit?
  7. Ben Affleck
    There's two types of guys Affleck can play: the asshole (see dazed and confused), and the sweetheart (see chasing amy). This type of role doesn't suit him. Go work on Argo 2 bro.