Irrational fears I have (now edition)

or should I say they have me
  1. Fear of failure
    Not trying because you think you will fail is the same as failing, yet it is become paralyzed.
  2. Fear of succeeding
    Sometimes I'm afraid to win because the amount of work I would have to do overwhelms me.
  3. Befriending young people
    Being in my 30s, I'm afraid young people will think I'm uncool.
  4. Leaving my debit card at a restaurant
    I check my wallet for my card three times before I leave. It's a compulsion really.
  5. Casual Fridays
    I can't not dress professionally at work. I'm afraid it's just a test by management to see whom is the least promote-able.
  6. Singing in the car while stopped at a light.
    I'm afraid I'll get laughed at.
  7. Asking out cute girl
    See #1