The best years of rock music

I have a theory that each generation reaches their cultural peak every 27 years.
  1. 1967 was a fantastic year for the Baby Boomers.
  2. Sgt Peppers
    The perfect album imho
  3. The Doors
    Who wouldn't want to be Jim Morrison?
  4. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
    Pink Floyd's debut album.
  5. Surrealistic Pillow
    Jefferson Airplane are one of those trippy bands that make me wish I could get in a time machine and visit the 60s.
  6. 1994 was the best year for music. Period.
  7. Weezer
    This album is immortal.
  8. American Thighs
    My life for Veruca Salt!
  9. Dookie
    Green day was everywhere in 1994.
  10. No Need to Argue
    Zombie Zombie Zom-beh eh eh
  11. The Downward Spiral
    Good ole NIN. A couple of my friends were obsessed with this album and went through a goth phase.
  12. 2021?