...and not in Delaware with my cat.
  1. College is over but none of my potential employers in Delaware seemed to share my sense of urgency concerning giving me a job
  2. Talking about how unseasonably warm it is was getting old, so now I'm in a hideously cold place that supplies a whole new type of weather-related small talk
  3. Cheap beer in Delaware bars wasn't draining my bank account quickly and efficiently enough
  4. I decided to ignore the check engine light in my car and it went away almost long enough for the 400 mile trip up
  5. There are apparently other campaign staffers who have explained to everyone what a Classics degree is, so I didn't need to have that conversation
  6. I didn't want to think about my college experience any more, so obviously working in a college town among college kids was a logical decision
  7. I REALLY love cold-calling angry 75 year olds and listening to them tell me about how my generation is ruining the country and taking all of their money
  8. The remote possibility that being in a new state could prevent my ex girlfriend from looking at and responding to everything I post on the Internet
  9. Volunteering on a campaign is somewhat less crazy than embarking on a solo winter camping trip to the Pacific Northwest, according to my mother
  10. Free stickers!