Inspired by @nathanveshecco and @lame
  1. Age
    21 (22 next Wednesday)
  2. Number of houses I've lived in/states I've lived in
    5, 3
  3. Number of younger brothers
  4. Number of cats and dogs in my house
  5. Age of my brother's goldfish
  6. Years of classical and jazz piano lessons I've taken
    13. And for what!
  7. Number of people I've slept with
  8. Percentage of those people who I was in relationships with
  9. What my "number of people I've slept with" would be if I included oral
    Not sure, but still under 10 tbh
  10. Number of fucks I have to give about the republican debate rn
  11. Doors I've knocked on in the last month
    At least every single door in the state of New Hampshire
  12. Miles I walked today
  13. Number of guitars I own
    2 and I love them
  14. Number of records I've released as an artist
  15. Number of other people's records I've mixed
  16. Height/weight
    5'8", 160
  17. Deadlift/squat/bench total
    ~850 poverty level
  18. Number of racist people I know that are cops
    1 (too many)
  19. Number of enlightened sociology majors I know that will be cops
    1 🙃
  20. Number of times I've eaten actual meals in the last month
    Like 4
  21. Number of beers I've drank in the last month
  22. Number of real person jobs I'm deciding between when I get home
  23. Number of years I spent in school
    Way too goddamn many
  24. Number of times I've seen Bernie Sanders speak live in the last three days
  25. Number of times the USA will win if Donald Trump becomes president