1. When somebody asks me about music I've never listened to
  2. When two people in the same room as me are having a whispered conversation
  3. When I am on the climb up to the top of the first drop in a roller coaster
  4. When somebody finds out what I majored in and asks me if I want to teach
  5. When there is a bug anywhere in my line of sight
  6. When somebody says something that I don't agree with or that is just blatantly offensive but acts as if they know I agree
  7. When I touch something and it has a texture I didn't expect
  8. When somebody I don't care about talks way too much about themselves
  9. When somebody I do care about doesn't want to talk about themselves
  10. When couples are passive aggressive to each other in front of me
  11. When the guy from The Front Bottoms says "uncomfortable"