Antidepressants I have been on

It's been about 15 years since my MDD (major depressive disorder) diagnosis. Current combination: Wellbutrin and Prozac.
  1. Zoloft
    Got mad at my doctor, thought "This is grief, not depression, dammit!" and quit it.
  2. Lexapro
    Awesome, worked for years, until it didn't anymore. First thing that made the wanting to die go away. Felt like myself, but without the depression.
  3. Wellbutrin
    Added when Lexapro alone stopped working. Decreased my appetite a bit, but not terribly.
  4. Cymbalta
    Didn't help. Frustrated, I decided to take the advice of everyone who said, "You need therapy." They were right. Therapy helped.
  5. Celexa
    It's basically Lexapro, and these drugs have worked pretty well for me. I can't remember why I changed.
  6. Pristiq
    Made everything taste bad. That was worse than wanting to die. Seriously. Quit that shit.
  7. Prozac
    Working for now, but has made me gain weight. Just decreased my dosage since I'm at a better place in life (loving my new job!). I think I'm losing some weight now, but struggling emotionally again.
  8. Exercise
    No shit, seriously helps if you can find something you can drag yourself off the couch to do. Yoga works for me, and walking the dogs.