1. No makeup
    Men don't wear it. Why should women? Besides, I never really learned how to do it right. It's expensive and makes me break out, anyway.
  2. Walking around outside my house in the morning before showering, combing my hair, or putting a bra on.
    It's still my property, just not enclosed. Even if there are people out walking their dogs or whatever, I just don't care. This is how I look in the mornings.
  3. Talking about my depression.
    Mental health is important. This stigma of talking about it or admitting you are a sufferer has to go away, both to save lives and improve their quality.
  4. Ignoring public calls to prayer and patriotism.
    At the stadium, I go pee or just stay sitting during "God Bless America". How does that song "honor our troops"? What about the atheist and Buddhist troops? You really want to honor them, reform the VA system.