not saying I can do them well
  1. Single Ladies
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    We performed this in the dining hall and a Friendship camper cried because she thought Beyoncé was really coming to camp.
  2. Ego
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    @nicnack228 and I spent more time learning this than doing our homework in the fall of 2009
  3. Fit as a Fiddle
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    Not a music vid I guess but I'm counting it. I think that one day I just realized I knew it. I don't really remember trying to learn it....
  4. Love on Top
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    Learned it at school, did it (too) many times at KC's/Kelly's/Blackwater grill, led my Madison friends in it one night this summer after we jumped in a lake. It will stay with me forever.
  5. Chandelier
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    Not Bey, but still fun.
  6. Sorry
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    All I want to do right now is practice this.