1. Harry
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    Obvi. Harry's number one-ness and overall perfection have been written about extensively. I agree that he is a dreamy, beautiful, perfect, gracious, mischievous-but-not-too-bad pop star. Also he has a Packers tat.
  2. Niall
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    I think Niall is pretty much the universal number 2 (am I wrong, tweens? Lmk). He's a lovable jokester who maybe likes Wisconsin also? He's wearing a Badgers shirt on the cover of Midnight Memz.
  3. Zayn
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    Miss this guy. But he did seem like he wanted/needed to leave. Like have you see "This Is Us"? When the other guys are goofing around in front of their fans, Zayn is alone in a room spray painting a wall
  4. Louis
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    He's a little fox man who I don't hate.
  5. Liam
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    Why does he talk so much? He is annoying and sucks.