My lyf is interesting (p.s. I wrote this a month ago)
  1. When u obsessively check ur gmail for a message from the public library bc u requested some books on cd and you want them to be ready to pick up on the way home.
  2. When you lol at a video of robots falling down.
  3. When u go find some free food in the camper kitchen but it is a raisin bran muffin that makes u gag bcuz the raisins are so juicy.
  4. When u name all ur test patients after first season True Detective characs cuz u miss Marty and Rust. So much.
  5. When u look up atrial ablation on Wikipedia but still don't know what it means.
  6. When u wanna send a welcome email to some1 u kinda know who just started working at ur company and u just have nothing to say to them so the email takes an hour to write.