I recently went on a road-trip in Alaska. After years of reading & watching everything that involved Alaska, I thought I was well informed about what to expect. I was wrong.
  1. No words or pictures can truly describe or prepare you for the natural beauty you see when you are there.
    Denali National Park
  2. Mt. Denali is only visible about 30% of the time due to weather conditions & clouds that hide the summit.
    Mount Denali
  3. Summertime means 24 hours of daylight. I thought they would have a few hours of darkness. No, not even at midnight.
    Midnight at Copper Center, Wrangell Mts.
  4. It is possible to drive the Richardson Highway in June & not see any traffic for miles.
    Richardson Hwy. south of Delta Junction
  5. There is almost no litter on the highways.
    Parks Highway with Denali in the distance
  6. Everyone is friendly & helpful.
    Copper River rafting guide
  7. The Museum of the North at University of Alaska, Fairbanks, is awesome.
  8. You can pull off along the highway to see the pipeline.
    Richardson Highway
  9. You can walk to Exit Glacier.
    Near Seward.
  10. Santa Claus lives in North Pole, Alaska.
  11. Great food & entertainment at Fairbanks' Midnight Sun Festival during summer solstice weekend.
    Downtown Fairbanks
  12. And finally, there are no snakes in Alaska; just a few moose in odd places.
    Ted Stevens International Airport