I have a full-time job, but decided to become a Lyft driver on the side, primarily for fun, inspiration and adventure. Last night was my first shift. Here are some people I drove.
  1. A University of Alabama graduate who'd done some day drinking while cheering on her football team at a Hollywood sports bar.
  2. Two frat boys who thought I looked and talked like Howard Stern.
  3. A commercial editor from New York en route to see her sister's electropop band in Silverlake.
  4. Three gay guys in West Hollywood who'd just finished playing kickball. (Nope, not a euphemism.)
  5. A strongly-perfumed woman who worked for E!
  6. Two curvy Latinas who were headed downtown to go hip-hop dancing. They'd already done four Jägerbombs each, and planned to get "fucked up" before the night was over.
  7. A guy from Minnesota dressed up as a Viking.
  8. Chuckles, a professional clown and early member of San Francisco's Cacophony Society. She told me a NSFW tale involving Easter Peeps.
  9. A touring guitarist who'd played with Hilary Duff.
  10. Two women who'd just moved to L.A. from Florida and were insistent on finding an open McDonald's. After the first two we drove to were closed, they reluctantly settled on Hooters.
  11. A couple from Albuquerque who, much to the chagrin of their parents, married when she was 18 and he was 20. Six years later, they're still very much in love.