1. frances ha
    my third (?) rewatch, still very good
  2. twinsters
  3. the revenant
    I wanted to like it based on the fact that I felt bad for not liking it
  4. celeste and jesse forever
    another 3rd rewatch, very very good
  5. inside llewyn davis
    oscar issac is good at his job
  6. deadpool
  7. the road within
  8. our times
    the surprise cameo surprised me
  9. kung fu hustle
    stephen chow 🙌
  10. the nut job
    watched in mexico in the middle of the night in a place I should not have been in; also was half-awake during most of the movie
  11. short term 12
    rami malek sucked in this lmao; brie larson tho 🙇
  12. prince of egypt
    why was it so dark
  13. batman v superman
  14. the jungle book
    lowkey fell asleep a little
  15. civil war
    very good but could have been better
  16. her
    6th/7th rewatch, movie of the decade
  17. civil war (again)
    fell asleep twice 😢💤
  18. fruitvale station
    rip oscar grant 😔
  19. inception
  20. before we go
    good thing chris evans is cute
  21. the nice guys
  22. blue valentine
    made me blue and my heart is bruised
  23. scott pilgram vs. the world
    an adventure
  24. x men
  25. graveyard of the fireflies
  26. infinitely polar bear
    not sure if it was just me but I cried at five minute intervals from beginning to end
  27. a birder's guide to everything
  28. finding nemo
  29. looper
  30. finding dory
  31. mistress america
  32. the disappearance of eleanor rigby: him
  33. the disappearance of eleanor rigby: her
  34. maggie's plan
  35. bottle rocket
  36. people places things