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So i've been thinking hard about this one ever since I saw the first post about it. But I think I got it now!
  1. Nick Miller
    In so many ways i can relate to Nick. Goofy and crazy with a lot of depth, but its not shown right away.
  2. Peter Pan
    Cuz i never wanna grow up!
  3. Penelope Garcia
    Crazy girl with a lot of emotion just like me!
  1. 😂
    I have super fun all the time and yes i cry-laugh
  2. 🦄
    Im just awesome
  3. Love is everything
2 more...
  1. Acually thats my face 50 % of the time...
  2. The other 50 %...
  3. The last 50 %! Yes im 150 %...
  1. I hade to stay home from work for 2 days
    The flue got me
  2. Tv shows all day
    All day, every day
  3. Pizza!
    Pizza is required when you'r ill