I started as a mom of 4 boys, turns out, one of them is a girl!
  1. Sorting laundry now requires actual focus because, wait, who's polka dot ankle socks are these?
  2. "Who borrowed my new sandals?!?" Is now a phrase I yell fairly often
  3. Remembering that "getting ready" now means time for TWO people to do make up.
  4. Upping my hair braiding game
  5. Thinking I was a master of the puberty years (I have a teenage cisgender son) is a thing of the past... girl puberty drama is SO much crying.
  6. First we had sports like rock climbing and judo, but now, we've added professional shopping to that list.
  7. Getting to be a girly girl with her is basically the best thing ever. Didn't realize how much I would enjoy it.
  8. My Little Pony ALL DAY EVERY DAY.