On the first hour of megabus, my true love gave to me...
  1. 1. The "this isn't that bad" hour.
  2. 2. These seats aren't as comfy as originally noted.
  3. 3. 1 euro travel? This is beginning to seem more like what I paid for.
  4. 4. Baby. Baby sounds. Stop the baby sounds.
  5. 5. Is it crying? Is it happy? Whatever is making it do that, please stop it.
  6. 6. If a baby touches me, is there anything I can actually do to it to make it stop?
  7. 7. One more hour.
  8. 8. Why are we still driving?
  9. 9. I wanna go home.
  10. 10. I am rock. My body is stone, and my heart is rock.
  11. ?. The megabus and I have finished our soul merger and we are now one. One body, one mind, one eternity.
  12. 11. Who am I?
  13. 12. Arrival. *Therapy not included in price of Megabus ticket