1. Saturday morning cartoons
    Particularly, Jem and the Hollograms and XMen
  2. Roller skating
    Skateland in Northridge was THE go-to birthday party in my click
  3. My 2nd grade crush
    Michael. The most important person in my universe for YEARS. I often wonder what he's doing now.
  4. Moving from the Philippines at 5 yo
    My one concern was if America would have bathrooms because I wasn't sure if Americans went to the bathroom in the same way.
  5. Feeling really confident? Entitled? Blessed?
    I remember thinking in 5th grade that I could have whatever I wanted after getting a lead in some minor play without even trying.
  6. Complicated relationship with napping
    I HATED being put down for a nap but was always totally amazed when I woke up that I actually fell asleep. Every. Single. Time.
  7. Telling my mother "I'm not a kid anymore" at 7 years old...
    Because I wanted to dress myself for church. I chose a yellow and white vertically striped top with a purple plaid wool skirt. I thought thay outfit was 👌🏼. It wasn't.