This list for pretty much writes itself. In chronological order.
  1. N - The guy who was the center for the basketball team while I was a cheerleader. It was a sweet and cheesy high school relationship that lasted a few years.
  2. D - The guy whose entire family had been divorced multiple times. He tried to teach me how to drive stick early in our relationship but I failed because I was so nervous. He became friends with all my friend well after we broke up. This one also a few years.
  3. B - The guy who would write down everything he ate on an excel spreadsheet, down to the number of protein grams. Then he would make charts and graphs from these numbers. This relationship lasted for years. I loved him the best and the worst.
  4. A - The guy who played piano like Chopin and who I probably had the best chemistry with. I ended up slapping him very hard at the end of our relationship and slamming the door in his face. We pretty much never talked again after that. This one went for a while with lots of on and offs. I ran into him at the park recently and he ring checked me.
  5. D - The guy with the son and went on longer than necessary probably because of how well he salsa danced. It was a fun relationship; we always did something really active or pretty cool.