1. Watch her nap several times while bored
  2. Point Lobos for beautiful things
  3. Eat 'smores every night at 5pm. I love you, Carmel Valley Ranch.
  4. Go to Mission Carmel to get in on some of that Catholic action
  5. Vineyards, vineyards, vineyards, but proceed to not drink any wine because THAT'S HOW WE ROLL.
  6. Beach time with the pup, who is currently snoozing like a champ.
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  7. Birthday dinner at Forge in the Forest. Supposed to be totally pet friendly, which is 100% of my criteria for a restaurant these days. [ Wow, who am I? ]
  8. Force mom on hikes and runs
  9. Check out some Open Houses. We're all about that real estate porn.
  10. Force mom to watch me while I meditate. [ Only fair ]
  11. Just be totally eff'ing excited to get this super rare quality time with mama.
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