Hi! i just returned to SF after a vacation in Asia. Because why not, I decided to treat myself to a facial.
  1. mmm that smells nice
    First scrub.
  2. she said she's only doing a hand and arm massage but I really want my feet rubbed too
  3. the happiness TED podcast I listened to in the middle of the night said that the happiest people are the people who can be in the present without thinking about other things
    Fucking jetlag, man. Why did I have to be up in the middle of the night?!??
  4. Be present. Stop thinking about the car wash you're going to get this afternoon
  5. OMG here comes the hand massage!!!!!
  6. That was really quick. Baby needs more hand rubbing
  7. Is my fancy Japanese gel manicure going to fall apart from this lotion and these heating pads?
  8. Towels on my face. What a fucking luxury.
  9. Oh no. Lights are on. Time for EXTRACTIONS
  10. Why is this woman sighing as she extracts the living hell out of my chin? Is it really THAT BAD?!? 😡
  11. Can she tell that I sometimes forget to wash my face before bed?
  12. Are my blackheads worse than average?
  13. Ok. Exfoliation over. #JOY
  14. "This is going to burn and itch. That's normal" ok she definitely hates me.
  15. Is she really not going to rub my feet?!
  16. OMG. The hair & scalp massage is #everything. Don't even stress about the feet. You got a $20 60min foot massage yesterday, bae.
  18. Yasss queen. You're not done yet right??
  19. 1 min on each foot. I guess better than nothing
  20. Should have had some water before this. My breath def reeks of Starbucks
  21. Now she's leaving me alone to sit in this fancy mask she painted on me with a paint brush
  22. How long will she leave me in here alone?
  23. Did my manicure get messed up? Oh shit. I can't open my eyes. Oh no. I'm feeling claustrophobic. How long is she going to be gone?!
  24. Move your feet into a butterfly pose. Maybe that will be calming
  25. Seriously though. How long has it been? At least 8 min
  26. She's back.
  27. Towel to the face. Be in the moment.