Cat Fashion

My cat is a rescue from Vietnam. Her name is Spring Roll. I brought her on a 36 hour journey to Canada. She's happy as can be, and here are some pics of her in collars and a costume. Ignore this list if you hate cuteness
  1. A pink collar with a flower
    This is one of the first pictures I took of her after adopting her. She was super tiny because her previous owners were never home and probably didn't feed her regularly. Poor baby.
  2. A clownish bow tie
    So smart, yet so goofy looking.
  3. A green collar with a yellow flower
    For the Green Bay Packers.
  4. A jack-o-lantern costume
    She hated this, and me. No more costumes.
  5. A leopard print collar
  6. A kimono inspired collar
    Pretty silk floral print with a bell.
  7. A Spring Roll collar
    Because that's her name.
  8. A collar with all the flowers
    Because she's best in show.
  9. A collar with a poppy
    She wore this on Remembrance Day
  10. A red and white striped collar
    For the holidays.
  11. No collar
    Sometimes your birthday suit/fur coat is all you need to be your best self!