Cat Shaming

Along with the fame comes the SHAME!
  1. I made the whole bathroom a litter box, then rolled around in it because I was so happy!
  2. I rolled around in the dirt on the balcony and got my fur sooooo dirty!
  3. I sat on the keyboard and deleted hundreds of files from Dropbox! I also opened iTunes, which made the rainbow wheel swirl outta control!
  4. I knew something was happening before we moved from Vietnam to Canada and I didn't like all the packing and suitcases, so I found a big cockroach and picked it up and dropped it in the suitcase!
  5. I destroyed some slipper socks, because I could!
  6. I kept chewing on the plant even though I have my own cat grass to eat and the plant makes me barf and it was sprayed with bitter stuff but I still wanted to eat it! Can't stop won't stop.
  7. I hid in the blankets when there was a mouse in the house!
  8. I rolled around in the dirt again and got my fur AND bow tie dirty!
  9. In the middle of the night I opened the dresser drawer and started digging out all of the clothes!
  10. Guilty as charged!