1. TV: Freaks and Geeks
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    From start to finish the best TV show ever. Perfectly depicted how awkward and difficult it is to be a teenager without sexualizing the characters. 10/10
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    She's my BFF in life and an overall hilarious, unique and thoughtful human. Her lists on @list are creative and funny. Also, she lives in Portland, which is enough to give everyone in Vancouver an instant hard on (people here sure love that quirky city). I recommend knowing her to make your life more magical. 10/10
  3. Movies: Clueless
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    Perfectly captured a generation. The casting, acting, wardrobe and music are perfect throughout. Young Paul Rudd... mmm. 10/10
  4. Food: Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus by the tub from Costco
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    Per ounce the best hummus value for your money. One tub lasts about a week, give or take depending on your hummus intake. You can eat it with a spoon without judgment OR having to refill right away. 10/10
  5. Dogs: Billie
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    She's the cutest rescue in Portland AND she's intelligent - check her out in Instagram if you don't believe me (definitionbydog). She's a snuggle bug and is super stylish. 10/10
  6. Cats: Spring Roll
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    She's the cutest rescue in Vancouver. Originally from Vietnam, she's been to 3 countries and is 1/2 Vietnamese, 1/2 Canadian, and 1/2 American. She's the bravest scaredy cat in the world and is good at springing and rolling. 10/10
  7. Books: the Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
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    Donna Tartt does a great job of creating a world that you can so easily imagine stepping directly into. The story is compelling, and the book is a nice balance of exceptional writing and easy page turning reading. If you are looking for a book to kickstart a reading binge, this is a great one. 10/10
  8. TV (again): Broad City
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    Yas kween. Abbi and Ilana are brilliantly funny, Hannibal Buress is hilarious as a well to do dentist, from start to finish both seasons are fresh, funny, and original. Watching Broad City makes me feel lucky to be a woman in a time when female comedians can push boundaries and joke about sex and drugs and rock and roll. Can't wait for season 3. 10/10
  9. What's on your perfect 10 list?