Times My Cat Didn't Give a Fuck (and One Time She Did)

  1. DGAF that there was a mouse in the house. Oh, did you want me to do something about that?
  2. DGAF about cleaning her bits on her human.
  3. DGAF about touching the space heater and burning her paw, because what are you beautiful thing???
  4. DGAF about making her voice heard.
  5. DGAF about taking up the whole yoga mat. Oh, did you want to yoga here?
  6. DGAF about sleeping in her cat bed upside down, because sometimes you just want to look at the world from a different perspective.
  7. DGAF about sitting on the IKEA instructions. Oh, am I in the way?
  8. DGAF about her bday present.
  9. DGAF about anyone else's problems. Oh, you don't know what you want to do with your life and everyone always told you that you were special but maybe you're not? I don't care because I'm a cat, so get me treats now.
  10. DID give a fuck about the curly q toy, because what are you and how can I destroy you??