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Maybe I should specify that none of my Disney crushes were/are on human cartoons
  1. Robin Hood
    The fox, obviously. I was so fucking jealous of Maid Marian the fox.
  2. Adult Bambi
    I know he was only shown for like ten seconds but it was just like "MY how you've grown!!!"
  3. Millennial Simba
    I'm not quite sure how old he would be in human years - 24ish? True story I used to practice reenacting Nala's sexy post-rolling-down-a-hill-come-hither look when I was like 11 years old
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So weird that I haven't felt too great lately!
  1. 1.
    ...mixed into pierogis that were fried in like two tablespoons of butter
  2. 2.
    Banana peppers
    ...mixed with pepperoni on a large pizza I split with my friend. I mean like a LARGE large pizza.
  3. 3.
    Roasted red peppers
    ...mixed with sausage on the other half of the pizza because we just couldn't commit to only one kind of meat
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I get very excited about my Halloween costumes and then wait until the last minute and ruin all of my good ideas. Most of these costumes were made out of things from my closet.
  1. Russian baby snatcher
  2. Panda
  3. Scar from the Lion King
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