1. If I sleep five more minutes I'll have an hour to get ready. 💤
  2. Do I REALLY need a full hour? 💤
  3. Ok, alarm clock, my rent is the only reminder I need to eventually get out of bed. 💤
  4. Shut up you stupid machine! I hit snooze for a reason. 😡💤
  5. I guess I really have to do this... 💤
  6. I'm finally out of bed, but do I really have to get ready for work? 💤
  7. Ok, well, I do enjoy living on my own, so maybe I should get ready instead of calling in... 💤
  8. I made it out the door, but I can still turn around... 💤
  9. Turning around means giving up my car and my apartment, so I guess I shouldn't turn around. 💤
  10. I really don't want to adult today... 💤
  11. I made it to work. Let's fake being perky until the end of my shift. 💤
  12. Lunch! Oh, wait, I keep forgetting how quickly it ends. 💤
  13. Clocking out! Made it through another Monday! Off to watch my favorite show and do it all over again tomorrow. 💤