Thoughts of a Social Media Marketer

  1. "You're doing it wrong."
  2. "You seriously aren't on Periscope?? Are you trying to fail??"
  3. "Slow and steady wins the race. Slow and steady wins the race." #DailyMantra
  4. #HashtagsAreLife
  5. "Where's my phone?"
  6. 🖥🔥😡😎📱
  7. "Why won't this tag work??"
  8. "No, I don't think linking all your social media networks together is a good idea. You want me to do it anyway?" #SomePeopleJustWantToWatchTheWorldBurn
  9. "Yes, your current demographic is older, but why not use new social media to attract young people?"
  10. "Fill in your about section!!"
  11. "I don't care if it's trending. It's not relevant to the brand."
  12. "Why?"