Note: excluding celebrities, but including random strangers.
  1. Jonathan
    We were besties in pre-k. Don't remember much else.
  2. Kyle
    Summer camp right before kindergarten. He would wait for me and hold my bag for me at the end of the day.
  3. Angel
    He had these huge eyes and light brown hair. I shared Cheez-Its with his best friend to try and befriend him.
  4. Samuel
    Family-friend I basically bullied because I didn't want anyone to know I liked him
  5. Christopher
    Another light brown-haired boy with huge eyes. He was Polish and I think I loved him.
  6. Giovanni
    His voice was really, REALLY deep for a third grader. I always tried to sit next to him when we watched movies in class.
  7. Nathaniel
    Sam's brother actually. I grew a brain and realized Nate was much nicer than his brother.
  8. Michael
    My actual bff since 3rd grade. We would sit together in math and I'd help him and when he finally got a good grade he cried and hugged me. He liked me in the 6th grade, when I thought all boys were immature. I accepted an awkward 20-second slow dance and booked it outta there. Still my fave blue-eyes boy (next to Chris Pine maybe).
  9. Nick
    Another one of my good friends. He gave me 3 chocolate roses in 4th grade. I never really responded to his advances because, again, all boys were immature. But there was a lil texty-flirty thing for about a week. Still gives A+ hugs.
  10. Sam (pt. 2)
    My crush on him only came back because he started using his moves on me whenever I saw him
  11. (does my current crush count? bc I'm still a child)
  13. Guy at church
    There was a guy that was maybe 25 when I was around 6. I would spend all of mass just staring at him and his girlfriend at the time. I still see him around sometimes. I think he and his girlfriend broke up though.... It's my time to shine now
  14. Boy at Six Flags
    While waiting for one of the Batman rides, he was standing in line and we'd pass him about every 5 minutes. He was wearing a baseball tee and vans. He had an eyebrow piercing, a laugh that made me hate myself, a girlfriend unfortunately.
  15. Boy #2 at Six Flags
    He was wearing hipster glasses and all black. Spotted taking a nap on some steps. Angelic.