NOTE: this list is extremely boring & long so I advise you to get out now, while you can.
  1. They started out pretty small and harmless.
  2. Random things.
  3. Lil flower things.
  4. An attempted profile of my teacher.
  5. More flower things.
  6. Wings?
  7. Another flower thing.
  8. The silhouette of a fountain.
  9. The beginning of the eye obsession.
  10. A quick one.
  11. Decorative border for an important message.
  12. MORE flower things.
  13. People.
  14. An assortment of things.
  15. Eye.
  16. Hands were starting to become popular.
  17. Yeah. See?
  18. Dragonfly thing.
  19. More hand.
  20. More weird things.
  21. Swirly swirl.
  22. Hey.
  23. Awkward proportions maybe?
  24. Angry girl.
  25. More eye.
  26. More eyeeeee.
  27. Spinny spinny thingy.
  28. H-eye. Hi.
  30. Angry @ Mr. O.
  31. Swirlzzz
  32. The rare left eye.
  33. Creepy finger.
  34. Hand. How u doin.
  35. Faces.
  36. More faces.
  37. Haaand.
  38. Can feel them staring into your soul?
  39. I went through a typography phase too.
  40. OOOOH ink? whatchu doin here?
  41. Only right eyes.
  43. Big flower thing & an unfinished right eye.
  44. Ink. Right. Eye.
  45. Moral of the story?
    That class needed to step up its coins. Pages and pages of flower things, right eyes, and hands occupied my mind instead of molarities and grams of product???