NOTE: this list is extremely boring & long so I advise you to get out now, while you can.
  1. They started out pretty small and harmless.
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  2. Random things.
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  3. Lil flower things.
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  4. An attempted profile of my teacher.
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  5. More flower things.
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  6. Wings?
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  7. Another flower thing.
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  8. The silhouette of a fountain.
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  9. The beginning of the eye obsession.
    16e6e4c5 8ddf 4d8f 8a3f b4e3a30b988d
  10. A quick one.
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  11. Decorative border for an important message.
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  12. MORE flower things.
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  13. People.
    Dc4ffbac 5247 4394 8f19 a107daca7014
  14. An assortment of things.
    A551acf4 98e7 498f 8cbf 250876a7ce20
  15. Eye.
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  16. Hands were starting to become popular.
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  17. Yeah. See?
    De25483c d898 4a97 83a6 dc3af138094b
  18. Dragonfly thing.
    5cbb14ae 2330 4907 8521 8191a7857f88
  19. More hand.
    5eebb108 27dc 4818 a69e 5a331afc14fa
  20. More weird things.
    Dd8ab933 b26a 4296 a678 88eb9f2d4bfb
  21. Swirly swirl.
    17581b8e 17cc 4831 a584 6492ae594ad8
  22. Hey.
    5f173c52 5b50 45be 8563 e1c4d027a1a2
  23. Awkward proportions maybe?
    D1477cc4 e8b4 4b5e 87ab 25c9d8a24747
  24. Angry girl.
    9985e597 2932 4e15 9d28 64c9b1715150
  25. More eye.
    7bdcfedc b068 49f9 a3bf 0581dcfad770
  26. More eyeeeee.
    Ace4701c 81e1 4188 96dc f85868d81b43
  27. Spinny spinny thingy.
    8fa934b2 f001 442d 8656 d83e9a71cebd
  28. H-eye. Hi.
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    Bc54bf37 2aba 4596 ada3 cc02b3859806
  30. Angry @ Mr. O.
    8054337c 1aca 47fd 8b73 72c59140b4d7
  31. Swirlzzz
    150eb016 98e0 4c55 8f93 13cb069664ad
  32. The rare left eye.
    24a16c0e 201a 4247 9644 257987a4fecf
  33. Creepy finger.
    D50db039 4140 43f2 9ac7 c90e7eccbe3f
  34. Hand. How u doin.
    Fb75b362 515b 4a4e bcfe b23f4976957e
  35. Faces.
    0fbff4ac e7c1 421b baf7 32f9e3c90b35
  36. More faces.
    Dbb26530 b1ec 41bf 8e78 757ba7708ed9
  37. Haaand.
    27da4987 b756 4688 aa8c 5c5e66470653
  38. Can feel them staring into your soul?
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  39. I went through a typography phase too.
    97d2e18e 1852 4898 85b3 032032612fdb
  40. OOOOH ink? whatchu doin here?
    9b56a9a0 4442 4019 af0b 4c2246b02ed2
  41. Only right eyes.
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    Ca6bf0c0 1b0b 44e2 aa41 279688615515
  43. Big flower thing & an unfinished right eye.
    5243b1b9 42cd 4e5a ab0b 681b8f448591
  44. Ink. Right. Eye.
    2314d9cb 97a4 4e50 a19f 7d7a9b58c446
  45. Moral of the story?
    That class needed to step up its coins. Pages and pages of flower things, right eyes, and hands occupied my mind instead of molarities and grams of product???