I am in dire need of suggestions.
  1. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
    The most recently watched. In love with Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer.
  2. The Bourne series
  3. Mission: Impossible
    the more recent ones are my personal favorites
  4. Casino Royale
    Unfortunately the only James Bond movie besides Skyfall I can actually remember.
  5. Basically anything Marvel.
  6. La Femme Nikita/Leon the Professional
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    Incredible one-two punch
    Suggested by @jakebrandman
  7. Die Hard 1, 4
    Honestly 1 is the best (and perfectly appropriate for Christmas time). 4 isn't bad but it's not great. Skip the others.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  8. RED
    The sequel isn't that good. But the first one was entertaining enough if you haven't seen it.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  9. Spy
    Melissa McCarthy is awesome. It's definite a comedy that mocks the spy tropes but it also works as a spy movie.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  10. Kingsman: The Secret Service
    Colin Firth in 007 spoof that's stylish and absurdly fun. Bonus = Samuel L Jackson as villain.
    Suggested by @NancyMiller