Inspired by @nikole
  1. first crush
    John. pre-k. he had red-orange hair, blue eyes, and a smattering of freckles across his cheeks. we used to be the first ones at school, so we'd play with the trucks and blocks during morning care.
  2. first kiss
    Sam. (hot) family friend. I was 14, and so was he. it was in a small dark room where all the kids hung out. lying down in a bed with some other people literally still in physical contact with us. so cringe-y.
  3. first kiss that meant something
    crush boy (revealed name: Malcolm). this year. after liking each other for 5-ish months, we kissed, shivering on a jungle gym, watching the fucking sunset. how gross, cliche movie is that????
  4. first time outside of the country
    the Philippines? I'm pretty sure it was the Philippines when I was 4 or 5. I don't remember much besides swimming in the Belview's pool early in the morning and stopping at Tagaytay and picking at the flowers.
  5. first friend
    Bella. my parents brought me over to meet her about a month after she was born. we grew up together and are still super close today.
  6. first friend in high school
    Liv. God bless you for always talking to me during home room even though I was (am) awkward as hell.
  7. first (and only) time I got stung by a bee
    in my cousin's backyard, around age 5. we were playing a game we made up called "ninja," and something flew at my face. all of a sudden, half my face puffed up. I had to sit inside and play with these plastic snap things that I don't remember the names of.
  8. first favorite color
    purple. the blue violet crayola crayon to be exact. I hated that plain violet shit.
  9. first favorite food
    Mac'n'cheese. mmmmmmm.
  10. first bad grade
    7th grade Spanish. I didn't read the directions that said to put the answers in alphabetical order. so I got a 50 :////