1. MAKEUP:
  2. start w clean face
  3. put on some foundation or something
    maybelline dream liquid mousse
  4. put a mixture of concealers on bc you don't know how to get the right shade at the drugstore
    rimmel something and maybelline fit me
  5. blend it out and question your life choices
  6. bronze blush and highlight
    elf golden bronzer, milani baked blush in rose de oro, some almay eyeshadow
  7. add some eyeshadow that is arguably too "natural" for stage makeup
    some shadows from mac
  8. wing that eyeliner yeshoney
    maybelline again wowie
  9. add some false lashes
  10. put some red lipstick on and YOU'RE GOOD TO GO
    (covering my left eye bc I couldn't find the other lash whoops)
  11. CLOTHES:
  12. 6-year-old shirt with the sleeves cut off, track shorts, nikes w some striped socks (essential)
  14. the paralyzing fear of not hitting your turns onstage
  15. a touch of self-consciousness bc broad-shouldered af
  16. awkward tension between you and the people that you're not friends w anymore, but still have to have civil conversations w