interested to see other people's processes/looking for better ways to handle loss
  1. I usually try to go about like everything is normal/look for as many distractions as possible
  2. I try to recognize that my feelings are real, and find appropriate outlets for them.
    Sometimes it's just a good cry, or talking to a friend or family member. Sometimes it's writing in my journal. Sometimes it's doing something that would have brought that person joy if they were still around to experience it. Such as, my late grandma loved to take me shopping, so when I take my niece shopping, I imagine she's with us in spirit.
    Suggested by @jhope71
  3. If I know I'll be sitting somewhere for a long time, I either bring a book (with no chance of sad parts) or download as many stupid games on my phone as I can. Because if I sit too long, I start to think, and thinking usually leads to a break in my fake calm demeanor
    Suggested by @libby92