inspired by that time there was a sketchy black bag on the floor of the bus that made weird noises and I thought I was going to die. I'm not joking, pls show this to everyone if I happen to die suddenly :))
  1. tell my parents that they're my best friends and that I wouldn't want anyone else as my parents
  2. tell my brother that he's too kind for his own good and that he has the ability to do anything he wants and that I'm so proud of him
  3. tell Angelina that she should never doubt herself and that I'm sorry for being a shitty friend
  4. tell Bella that even though we don't see each other that often, she's the closest thing I had to a sister
    I love our conversations no matter how stupid they can get. keep on being u!! (also maybe don't try to get away from your parents so quickly, I mean they are your parents)
  5. tell Jenn and Alyssa that I'm grateful for their friendship and that Malcolm McLeod will one day love them too
    ((facts tho)) and bonus: you guys deserve the world so don't settle for less than a real nigga
  6. tell Tito Bong and Tita Val that their never ending support has been essential to my life and that I love them and to take care of the boys for me
    thank you for teaching me so much in life, from how to play yooker and gin to taking Kuya and I to a mummers parade to giving me vodka "to help my cough" you guys are the coolest
  7. tell Tita Cherry that I love her and that I miss how she always made me feel like I was interesting and important
  8. tell Elie and Sophia that they are wonderful wonderful people that are capable of so much
    even though I'll admit I didn't like you guys were we were kids, I can now say that you two are so loving and thoughtful and funny and talented and all around amazing humans and thank you for being my cousins and friends
  9. tell Malcolm that I think I love him probably more than he thinks and that I'm sorry for making it weird when I promised I wouldn't
    you play a big role in getting me through each day without wanting to die from boredom & that means a lot. you're one of my best friends and I hope I'll still have the list in heaven 💙💙💙
  10. tell Sam that he was my first kiss and that when I was 7 I thought I was going to marry him and thank you for being kind
    be good to Angelina (if/when you go to prom with her)
  11. tell Nathaniel that he's adorable and smart and lovely
    I also had a crush on him too for a good 4 years
  12. tell Ate Inna that she's highkey my favorite cousin
    our summers in the city and obsessing over Japanese bands and shows are some of my fondest memories
  13. tell Issa that I love her and thank you for being so supportive and adorable
    I can literally dump all my problems on you and you're always more than willing to listen. you're beautiful and probs in my top 10 fave musicians btw
  14. tell Amanda that she's one of the only reasons I feel comfortable at school & that she's a wonderful friend and study buddy
    and that she. is. not. a. disappointment. to anyone. at all. you is talented and beautiful and smart so stop bagging on yourself
  15. tell Donna and Debbie that even though I often got frustrated with them, they still heavily influenced how I grew up and my work ethic especially. thank them for having faith in me when I didn't
  16. tell Natalie that she's seriously the coolest, most helpful person I've had the pleasure of working with
  17. tell JP and Josh that if they haven't noticed it already, I am extremely in love with them both
  18. make sure my mom gets her colorful happy funeral that she wanted
  19. make sure my parents and aunts and uncles are well cared for when they're retired
  20. make sure at my funeral, people can write what they've always wanted to say to me on a lil piece of paper and put it in a jar or burn it or something ceremonial
    I don't want anyone to feel burdened with what they have to say to me if they can't tell it to me when I'm dead
  21. if there's extra money that I haven't left to kids or family, either donate it to charity or science or build a library with it.
  22. lastly, if I happen to die, make sure @bjnovak knows that this app changed my life 💗
  23. yeah this is really long bless you if you made it this far