this past week, my badass auntie died. I didn't know her well, but from all the stories (and the nature of our inheritances) you can tell how blatantly amazing she was.
  1. a joint
    to my cousin - in auntie's last days, they got her some week to ease her nausea, calm her, and stimulate her appetite. she never actually got to smoke it, so my cousin was quick to claim that inheritance 😂
  2. Reebok Club C's
    to my brother - my other aunt gave the money in auntie's wallet to the cousin mentioned above and she treated my brother to a fresh new pair of kicks :))
  3. a second ear piercing
    to me - my auntie was the coolest, most liberal, most badass auntie out there. with her money, the cousin brought me to get my second hole (completely against parents' wishes lol oops) at a sketchy Walmart. "auntie would want this, remember"
  4. a break in Lenten sacrifices
    to my whole family - there wasn't much choice, but also auntie was a big time foodie. "she would want us to enjoy food, right? right."
  5. ghostly visits
    to the whole family - she hated to be talked about if it was about her sick days, so she flickered the lights when she heard us talking about it again. my family has had many supernatural experiences 👻