1. happy international women's day!!!
  2. we rock. we really do.
  3. I don't say it enough tbh
  4. I have been blessed w wonderful women in my life & this is just a thank you list to all women that have influenced me
  5. dance team ladies
    although I used to complain endlessly about dance team, I've grown to find such great friends in them. they make me laugh and sharing this experience w them (my school's first year w a dance team) has made us closer & I'm so grateful to have met them
  6. dance fam
    we've been through so much together & there's no other group of people I'd rather spend 20 hrs./ week with
  7. Amanda
    she became one of my closest friends this year, reminding me that some people at my school are pretty cool & worth getting to know
  8. Issa
    haven't talked to her in a while, but she was one of the first people to genuinely be interested in me and helped me realized that I am worth listening to (most of the time😂). she's always so positive & supportive & I hope I can be half the friend to her that she has been to me
  9. Joanna
    raging feminist cousin. coolest, most hilarious person alive. so unafraid to do whatever she damn well pleases, and I completely admire her for that. she's encouraged my development as an individual, & even though it backfired, it was worth the experience
  10. Angelina
    the day 1. my main. puts up w my shit like a pro. she hasn't faltered as a friend in the 8 years I've known her. even though it's been a little complicated lately, I know we will always find our way back to each other.
  11. Bella
    (yes, it was 1000% necessary to use this picture) OG to end all OGs. we were born together, raised together, matured together. practically my sister. I've had so many adventures w you & I'm so so so glad to know that you are always there without fail (even if the response comes a couple days later) (I shouldn't be talking I'm just as bad at responding) (I like using parentheses don't look @ me)
  12. all my titas
    my aunties. 2nd moms. helping me through life everyday!!! 💗 (she's the one on the right. I have almost no pictures of the titas)
  13. MOM
    MY BEST FRIEND. always calls me out on my shit. gives the best advice. always more than willing to listen to me. I can't even begin to explain how blessed I am to have a mom like her.
  14. but anyways here's a selfie for y'all
    u can't see it but it says international women's day 2016 up top