I often get these "visions" of really bad things happening.
  1. My friend Bella was terrified of sneezing or burping while reading poetry aloud.
  2. When I'm dancing on a stage I'm worried that I'll forget that the stage ends and I'll fall and break my ankle (again).
  3. I'm pretty sure every utility van (from like Verizon or PSE&G) is fake and secretly housing the sexual predator that's about to kidnap me.
  4. When I'm riding my bike home in the dark, I feel like I'm going to hit a crack and flip the bike and break a leg.
  5. I'm STILL afraid that someone is just living under my bed.
  6. I'm scared that a person will just walk into my house while I'm taking a shower and kill my entire family. He'll be waiting for me when I step out of the shower.
  7. I'm afraid that one day all my friends will realize what a shitty person I am and stop talking to me.
  8. I'm scared that im going to start coughing during a performance and I won't stop.
  9. When I'm crossing the street I quadruple check that there's not a car, because I'm scared that there will still be a car that decides to run me over.
  10. I'm scared that I'm not going to get into college.
  11. I'm worried that the world will end in my lifetime and that I didn't live a good enough life.
  12. I saw vision-version me kicking a girl in the stomach and somehow screw-driving my foot farther into her body.