i'm 10000% this is the post that all of u have been waiting 5 months for. also sorry if this is super teenager-y bc it's all about boys :)
  1. the last you guys heard since my hiatus was:
    me throwing up in various places, me being extra, crush boy frustrating the heckie outta me, my friends
  2. now....
  3. i've started senior year
    oh the beginning of the end. i'm already realizing how good i have it. minimal responsibility, financially supported by parents, only job is to go to school, there is minimal drama within my social circles, i get to see my boyfriend often. everything changes next year, and i'm not sure i'm cut out for a transition of that caliber yikes
  4. crush boy is now officially "my mans" (boyfriend)
    august 10 is our anniversary :)) he asked me out after watching finding dory in theaters after a long and winded struggle of me being like "ay u don't really try or show me u wanna spend time with me lol #hateit" & him being like "what how" just over and over again. he's put in more effort and i've been v satisfied lately. we went to a carnival for our 1-month & went pumpkin picking with him, his brother, and his cousins. i met his grandma and went to his cousins surprise party i'm basically fam
  5. contrary to my mother's beliefs that i am an ice queen (read: cold hearted bitch),
    i'm actually such a lil mush that needs constant affection and attention. and my mans isn't super affectionate, but that's all i really have to complain about. he always walks me to my car after dance bc it's dark and sketchy and he wants to kiss me so that's cute. he gave me his windbreaker to wear (after asking and bc it's too small), but ya girl needs a sweatshirt for the winter bye i'm secretly a gross PDA lovin monster
  6. my friends at dance no longer hate me
    worked everything out and i'm feelin gr9 about it
  7. my friends at school are getting even closer
    but like, i need to stop making dick jokes all the time in front of them i think they think i'm obsessed w dick it's getting riDICKulous
  8. i have applied to my dream college
    after hitting send on my application there are so many things i could have done to make it better and i have many regrets and doubts :')
  9. going to amsterdam in 20 days!!
  10. i have found my groove with bullet journaling and it's the best thing ever
    i can manage my time so much better that i've been consistently sleeping at ~11:30 every night!!!
  11. i nap like it's my job
    at least an hour after i get home from school
  12. still extra
  13. no longer throwing up all over the place