Inspired by @nathanveshecco sorry this isn't really interesting nothing happened??!
  1. I was 8
    this would be 2007-ish
  2. in September 2007, I was starting my 2nd grade year at a new school after my old one closed.
  3. I made a new friend named Carly on the second day of school.
    according to her, I threw my math workbook in the air bc I was so startled by someone ACTUALLY talking to me (not true, I was born chill af)
  4. we were best friends for about 4 years
    and then I called her annoying and there's still weirdness??? 5 years later?
  5. I read the Magic Tree House series and was completely obsessed
  6. I read the first 4 books from Series of Unfortunate Events
    didn't like it too much tbh, I only remember there was this one page where it said "ever" I think 127 times (talking about plugging in a lamp or telephone into a socket or something)
  7. I read the first Harry Potter book
    I think I didn't understand it well bc I didn't love it?? I still have to reread it
  8. Check Yes Juliet and Skyway Avenue by We the Kings came out
    2 of my favorite songs ahahaha hahahahahaa
  9. I basically listened to my brother's emo playlist
  10. yeah this list is unworthy of publishing but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯