airplane movies are arguably my top reason for traveling via air
  1. paper towns
    only slightly disappointing
  2. me and earl and the dying girl
    cried like a baby, no ragrets
  3. the scorch trials
    fast-paced & excited for the last installment (even tho it was nowhere near the book's storyline)
  4. before we go
    really cheesy, and didn't make that much sense to me/vvvv unrealistic
  5. hitman: agent 47
    HOLY shIt SO GOOD THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE OMG 10000/10 would recommend
  6. it's already tomorrow in Hong Kong
    I couldn't finish it bc of how bad it was. sorry Bryan Greenberg, u still cute tho.
  7. room
    this one broke my heart and made me jump in shock and made me feel so many emotions. wow it was really good & eye-opening
  8. the man from U.N.C.L.E.
    round #2 bc I loved it so much the first time I watched it